Thank you 2018!

Thanks so much everyone for 2018!

Because of your interest, we were able to host another year of private parties and open flower classes.  Adding instruction to a career of floral design has been unbelievably rewarding.  We’re starting off the new year by offering open flower classes in January!  Visit the Flower School tab for details…

Having a storefront has opened up opportunity for saying yes to more weddings.  Brides have access to studio space for gathering friends and family to participate in the design of decor for showers, parties, and their wedding.  I’m grateful for our growing portfolio of wedding photographs from talented photographers, but more for the brides that asked us to design their florals.

Our setting in the historic Hyde Building has won the hearts of so many that just simply love stopping by for inspiration.  Floral designers are continually asked about sources of inspiration, for it’s their love of something that influences their work.  I enjoy the changing seasons, flowers and foliages from other parts of the world, but my inspiration always comes back to right here, where we live on the prairie.  It’s not a surprise, some of my best work has been from what I’ve grown and foraged in my own yard.

I look forward to the new year!

With contemplative gratitude, Kay

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