Classes for making wreaths, hand-tied bokays, wall pockets, flower crown/halos, garlands and other decor are available at Bokay Studio throughout the year.

Already have a group of 4-6 friends? Click here for information about private party sessions. Cost for classes is a per person variable depending on class choice, season and availability of foliages/flowers/foraged branches. Inquire with Kay at

Flower Crown

If you are going to a festival, sitting in the garden, looking for a new skill, or just want a fun time with friends, this is the class for you. You create a fabulous flower crown using hand picked flowers and garden foliages, to wear or use as a decorative accent in your home or office.  This class open to children (accompanied by an adult) To save a date or ask questions, please submit the contact form below!

Gardens Under Glass

Newest class at Bokay Studio! Plant your very own garden with flowers in colors of your choice in a 5” x 7” or 8” x 8” wood framed shadow box. Limited supply of shadow boxes available, please inquire early.

Wreath Classes

Wreath classes include instruction and all materials and supplies needed to create your own nature inspired wreath. You’ll learn the art of weaving a mix of seasonal foliage, dried flowers, foraged branches and grasses. Working in a studio setting, you will experience an overall look at ways to incorporate natural floral materials to create a unique wreath to fit your style!

Medium Wreath (22”-24”) 2 hours

Large Wreath (27”) 2 hours

Very Large Wreath (30″) 2 1/2 hours

Petite Wreath Collection (1 hour) Create a collection of three wreaths (4”-10”) or just one if you prefer!  You design nature inspired wreaths for home/office decor, table settings, wine bottle topper, hostess gifting…your collection gift wrapped and easily shipped too!

Hand Tied Bokay

Perfect for someone that already has a wreath they love, or those that want something a little different. The hand tied bokay (15″ or 30″) is a versatile design used to accent a door or wall. Add charm to a vase on a table, counter, or shelf. Materials and techniques are similar to the wreath class, using seasonal foliage and flowers to fit your personal style. You’ll choose the size for your design length; 15″ or 30″. Please note choice when inquiring.

You Create Your Dream Class

What are you wanting to make? Stop in to to talk about it or contact:

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