Flower Crowns at Sadie’s Hen

Bokay Studio Pierre flower crown workshop
Sadie and her girlfriends celebrated her upcoming wedding with a sweet hen party. At this private party workshop, guests were guided through a flower crown tutorial while enjoying appetizers, music, and bridal games.

Blooms: White and Pink Stock, Wax Flower, and Purple Statice with Hypericum Berry, Queen Anne’s Lace, and  Baby’s Breath for accents.

Greens: Sage, Engleman Ivy, and Mint

Everyone wore their custom crowns on a stroll down to La Minestra for dinner. Below is a sampling of photos from the evening, and more can be found on the Facebook page.
 IMG_2921 edit sm
IMG_2954 edit sm
IMG_2978 edit sm
IMG_3011 edit sm
IMG_2999 edit sm
IMG_3012 edit sm
IMG_3016 sm
IMG_3033 edit sm
IMG_3123 edit sm
Thank you, Sadie and friends for being the first to try out the new studio!
Congratulations to Sadie and Allen on your upcoming wedding celebration at the end of this week!

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