Inspired by: “The Meaning of Light”

After four days of April’s cold and rainy weather, the sun is warming up the windows and adding it’s goodness to the “Spring” recipe.

The natural light this morning was a perfect time to check on the studio construction progress and the paint color on the walls. The light shapes coming in the front windows were an added bonus. These bright solar squares showing off on the wall related to an article in Kinfolk magazine titled “The Meaning of Light” by Georgia Frances. The subtitle of the article reads:

“The daily rise and fall of the sun is one of the few reliable occurrences in our lives,”

and the article goes on to talk about the effect of sunlight on our mental and physical health and how society has lost connection with what the sunlight is telling our bodies. In the middle of the article is this set of photos taken by Uta Barth of a black wall behind a sofa. The surfaces sit around all day and night waiting for the sunlight to decorate, just like we’ve been waiting for four days to see the sun or even seven months to see spring and summer weather.

…AND OF TIME (00.4) 2000

The article also a offers up a list of ways to fine-tune your light-related habits:
– Set a routine
– Sleep with a mask
– Observe Dawn and Dusk
– Get some real rays

“The most important factor to consider when it comes to sensory well-being is figuring out what works best for you.”

The same goes for decorating your living space or office. What works for you and your well-being should always be at the top of the list.

For more details on this list and the rest of the article, pick up Volume Fourteen of Kinfolk Magazine.

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